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About MadhulokaMadhuloka Liquor Boutique exists to benefit and refresh everyone it touches.

The basic proposition of our business is simple, solid and timeless. When we bring refreshments, value, joy and fun to our Guest, that’s where we successful nurture and protecting our brand Madhuloka. Today the business as grown and expanded to over 17 stores spread across Bangalore

That is the key to fulfilling our ultimate obligation to provide consistently attractive returns to the guest who are loyal to us.

Our Mission;

“Everything we do is to upscale by our enduring mission”

It is about integrity,

Treating our guest in an honest and professional manner,

It is about authority,

Presenting knowledgeable and respected opinions.

Virtually all of our staff members are either certified sommeliers (wine Steward) or sommeliers in training, and the management team travels the world in search of unique and sought-after wines. It’s just one of the reasons the Globe and Mail called us the “Best place in Bangalore to find rare wines & Sprits.” & is established its brand in minds of all the people.

Visitors constantly remark that the selection and service offered at Madhuloka are un-matched in the Bangaluru market and those are the words we like to hear!  We offer a series of provocative and unique in-store wine tasting in seasons the year in the laid back confines of our tasting room, and whether you are starting a cellar or just looking for the perfect wine for that perfect meal, Madhuloka is here to help you.

Our History

Madhuloka Liquor Boutique

We are Bangaluru's finest wine and spirit merchant, established in the about over a decade. Our flagship store has been located at HSR layout, since 1999 when K S Lokesh in Bangaluru founded it, with decade & above expertise to serve the growing thirst for premium wines and spirits to current generations. Being independent gives us extraordinary flexibility with our wine ranges.

Fifteen years on and still totally independent, our highly acclaimed product reflects our relentless globetrotting in search of wines that offer interest and quality at prices to please

Our goal is to provide an enticing environment that allows our guest to shop; a friendly and highly knowledgeable staff manages that.

K S Lokesh epitomizes his great passion for wine buying. With an expert, knowledgeable team working both online and in store, we can help you to discover exceptional Wine & Spirits suitable for every taste, meal and occasion, but we do have a strong reputation for finding wines that punch above their weight, for unearthing rough diamonds, for spotting tall poppies, but, above all, for using clumsy and ungainly metaphors.

Madhuloka wine Boutique is about wines to drink - not just wines that impress at tastings. We particularly emphasize drinkability and try to offer wines, which do not just impress on first taste, but leave you wanting another glass.

More important than meeting price points, Madhuloka is about value for money. From the very beginning this meant sourcing wines direct from growers. Although many of the domains and growers on our list today are the same as when we started, our range has developed over the years, reflecting the introduction of both traditional and innovative producers. We are not name-buyers, we are quality buyers - our Sauvignon de Touraine is better than cheaper Sancerre’s, our Sancerre is among the best in the appellation.

Their strength is in the wine world's classics (of which they have a constantly changing stock), characterful bargains from Most of the wine growing regions and evidence of the rare wines revolution that is brought to racks of our outlets. 


You don’t get exclusive access to award-wining wines from internationally acclaimed winemakers- and deliver them to you with award-winning customer service- without a great team. Meet the best in the business!

Parking we have plenty of parking in each of our stores, so come down, have a taste of wine and discover why Madhuloka’s Distinctive Wines and Spirits is a mainstay among the great wine shops of the world.

Home Delivery offered by Madhuloka is unique as it’s a “Call Away” Or “Just click”. You can locate us in most of the prominent areas of Bangaluru either in Premium Malls or Shopping by lanes.

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